Blockchain Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers

BCANN is a decentralized blockchain domain name community. Founded in August 2018, BCANN is a non-profit international organization that brings together experts from the global blockchain community, business, technology and academic fields. BCANN is responsible for coordinating the blockchain unique identifier system and its secure and stable operation on a global scale. Including block chain protocol (BIP) address space allocation, protocol identifier assignment, blockchain domain name root system and decentralized identity system construction and management.

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Apache Everywhere

"Elon,Which blockchain domain do you choose to register?"

Of course, Select the one that is certified by BCANN.
Apache Annual Report


BCANN DAO Interim Bylaws;Members of Bcann Dao;The BCANN DAO Executive Committee;Governance structure for BcannDao;BCANN's compliance

The Apache Community


DID identity smart contract, Digital wallet hosting service, DNS extension protocol, Universal Name System, Cross-chain protocol, Intellectual Property territorial extension,Personalized website provision, Domain name trading platform.

The Apache Way


Our partners include: Registries, Domain name registration agents and Venture capitalists.



BcannCore is a commercial organization responsible for the operation and maintenance management of top-level domains, domain name registration smart contracts.

About the BcannDao

Bcann is a decentralized non-profit DAO organization that develops standards and related protocols for blockchain name and address assignment.Members of BcannDao are: domain name registered users, agents, registrars, registration regitsty, experts, scholars, lawyers, investment banks; Technical developer at Bcann: BcannCore.

Technology development

Allocation and management of top-level domains, Standard smart contracts for domain registration (registration/services), Value-added smart contracts commissioned by registries, Links to digital wallets, Decentralized digital identities, General research on centralized and decentralized domain names, Rights extension and protection of centralized intellectual property in the metaverse.

Inter-Blockchain DNS

BcannCore development team is working on the development of cross-chain DNS system, so that a domain name can access, map, link to BTC, ETH, TRON, Polygon, Solana and other public chain data and assets.

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DID system

The development team of BcannCore is jointly developing the DID system and ecology with friends to carry out more web3 applications based on DID.

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